Springtime Wall Overhaul

Wonderful Wallcoverings To Spring in The Season

Wonderful Wallcoverings To Spring in The SeasonIn the historic, and poetic words of Leo Tolstoy, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Today’s translation may go something like this; “Yip-yip-yahoo! It’s time to

give my home a fresh, new spring look!” In the past, you may have achieved this by placing a new, colorful accent pillow, here… a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, there. Et voila, spring has sprung! This spring, why not use wallcoverings to make a more profound seasonal statement?

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

– L. Tolstoy


Organic design philosophy promotes harmony between humans and nature. That perfectly-designed, symbiotic relationship can be accomplished beautifully with one of the many nature-inspired wallcoverings available today. By bringing the outdoors in, the result can be incredibly, emotionally satisfying.

For example, a pattern like Luna, by renown designer Kenneth James, bears a striking resemblance to the calm, shimmering light the moon casts across the ocean.

Wonderful Wallcoverings To Spring in The SeasonThe gorgeous flowing lines of Onyx by York, resemble smoothly-cut stones, making it another natural contender. Healing properties have been attributed to gemstones throughout the ages. The sheer beauty of Onyx alone, will certainly cure your desire for a striking accent wall.

Textured wallcovering available these days couldn’t be more beautiful, and practical. This style is compelling to the eye, pleasing to the touch, and also paintable, which allows you the freedom to coordinate your new wall covering with the color-scheme of your existing space.

To be sure, these embossed wallpapers not only add depth and warmth, but provide a subtle organic touch, as many mimic textures found only in nature.

“Textured wallpaper provides warmth, depth and an interesting contrast to plain wallpapers.”


flower muralsNothing says, spring like flowers. Purchase them from your local farmer’s market, or grow them yourself, there’s one thing for certain – They’re not going to last! However, a spectacular floral wall mural like Chrisel by Warner will last forever, and wow you, each and every time you enter the room.

So, go ahead, spring into spring. If you’ve never considered wallcovering before, now just might be the time. It’s simple to install, easy to clean and pain-less to remove. The biggest difficulty you may encounter is selecting just one, given the wide array of designs available at your local wallpaper dealer. Then again, not to worry, they’ll give you all the support you need to create a wonderfully enchanted, nature-inspired space this spring.

Floral mural

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