As with any company, we receive many of the same questions.  We have compiled some of the most common questions and have lumped them here by category.


Q.  Do you offer financing?
A.  We offer 6 months with payments and no interest on a daily basis with credit approval through GE Capital.  We will on occasion have a sale or promotion where the terms are extended or modified.  CLICK HERE for a Financing Application


Q.  How long does it take to get the products when we order them? 
A.  Typically, most flooring will arrive to our Showroom in 5 business days or sooner.  There are exceptions of course.  When an order is placed, we typically will have a time frame for receiving the goods.
Q.  Do you sand and refinish hardwood floor?
A.  We do offer sand and refinishing of most hardwood floors.
Q.  Will I see the seams of my new carpet?
A. Our Installers are completely trained and we use the most advanced tools to help minimize all seam visibility.  However, we do not and can’t guarantee seams will not be visible.  Some carpet styles or patterns may make the seam more visible.  Seams can be visible with cut pile carpets as well.  Occasionally, seams are not visible in some rooms and more visible in other rooms.  No manufacturer has any Warranty on visibility of seams.
Q.  Do I have to purchase padding with my carpet?
A.  If new padding is not purchased with your carpet, the carpet warranty is voided.  We also do not warrant installation over existing pad.  The pad is the least expensive part of the installation ranging from $.30/sq ft to $.75/sq ft.
Q.  If I purchase my Flooring elsewhere, will you install it? 
A.  We typically only install flooring purchased through our Store.  This allows us to control the quality of the goods ordered and ensure correct installation according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.  This allows you to maintain your Warranty as well.
Q.  Shouldn’t I just buy flooring online and save the Sales Tax? 
A.  You may save Sales Tax if you order from online or pay a little cheaper price.  However, you may also pay dearly  if something is not right or defective.  If your flooring is defective, the manufacturer will have you go through the retailer you bought it from to file a claim after they have inspected it. Recently, a Santa Barbara woman purchased carpet from Texas online.  The carpet came in with the left side not matching the right side (Side Match Issue).  She phoned the manufacturer to initiate a claim.  They told her to go through the retailer.  They had to come out an look at it to do so, but she had to pay for their round-trip flight to inspect the carpet.  She refused and ended up buying all new carpet.  Don’t let this happen to you!!!
Q.  Can I order just materials from you and not have you install them?
A.  Yes, we sell material only sales often.  We will notify you when they have arrived for pick-up or deliver for a fee.


Q.  What is the best way to work with you?
A.  We recommend that you visit our Showroom first.  You can visit anytime, or schedule an appointment with one of our In-House Designers.  If you haven’t purchased Window Treatments or Floor Covering recently, you’ll probably be surprised by the variety of product now available.  Our large displays of blinds and shades let you see, touch and operate window fashions up close and personal; and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the choices. Your showroom visit will help you make a better decision about what to buy. Then, a designer will also meet with you in your own home to help you finalize your selections – ensuring that everything you order perfectly complements your home décor and meets your functional needs.
Q.  Do you offer a more complete selection then your competitors?
A.  Yes, we offer the full selection of Hunter Douglas window fashions, so you can find exactly what you want for your home. This includes all the very newest products, colors and fabrics that Hunter Douglas occasionally adds to keep up with design trends, color changes and consumer wishes. We also carry the exclusive Alustra® Collection. In addition, we carry a full line of Hardwood Flooring, Luxury Vinyl, Tile, Laminates, Area Rugs, and Carpeting. For the more discerning clients we carry a full line of Custom made Drapery, soft window accessories, custom closets, custom bedding, and much more. We are a one-stop-shop for your design needs!!!
Q.  Why Should I Buy From You?
A.  We are a family business and have been serving the local area for 49 years, so we know the neighborhood and understand local preferences and design styles. You’ll have peace of mind buying from us because not only are we here today to help you, but we’ll be here in the future when you’re ready to buy again or if you have any questions or problems. Our staff is highly trained and experienced so we know the ins and outs of design, measuring and installation – even for challenging specialty projects. We can also help you with motorized blinds and shades. Overall, we’re committed to providing you with a thoroughly satisfying shopping experience.
Q.  Are your prices competitive?
A.  Yes! We recognize the need for both competitive pricing and exceptional value. When you look at the combination of quality, service, expertise and product selection we provide, we believe you’ll think our prices are competitive. You’ll have peace of mind that you’ve selected the most fitting products for your situation, have chosen colors and styles that complement your décor, and that your products are measured and installed for optimal performance and beauty.
Q.  Why do you do the measuring?  Is there a Measure Fee like the Big Box Stores?
A.  Window fashions are more complex than you might think. Many questions arise when we come to your home about how you will use your window fashions, how often you will operate them, whether you have children or pets in the home, what furniture might be placed in front of the window, etc. We know how to ask the right questions to make sure your window treatments function for optimal performance and ease of use. With many window fashions, exact and knowledgeable measuring and installation are critical, especially for inside mount situations and especially with hard, fitted products such as shutters. A measuring job done inaccurately can cost you lots of money if window fashions don’t fit correctly. In addition, we measure for flooring installations to go over layout, seam placement, and scope the overall project to better quote and oversee your project from start to finish.  Our Measure Services are Complimentary unless an installer is required to measure.


Q.  Do you provide tear out and installation services? 
A.  We do provide tear out and installation services through a sub contractor or our company employees.
Q.  What happens to my old appliances or cabinets? 
A.  You may want to consider re-using some of your discarded cabinets or counters in the garage or another area. Whether this is feasible depends on the manner in which they were originally constructed and installed. Your contractor or installer must inspect the current conditions in order to make a recommendation.
Q.  How long does it take to receive products that have been ordered? 
A.  Everyone is anxious to get started once the project has been designed and the order placed. But, please do NOT tear-out existing materials until ALL of the new materials have arrived. Your designer will coordinate delivery and installation of all products you order, so you will not be without service for longer than is necessary.
Q.  Is financing available? 
A.  We do offer financing through GE Capital based on approved credit. CLICK HERE for a Credit Application.