Home Automation

When it comes time to decide whether you want your custom window treatments with a motorized operating system, convenience is a key consideration–but it is not the only one. Enhanced safety is another benefit. As is greater energy efficiency.

Seamlessly Integrates With Home Automation Systems

Hunter Douglas motorized window fashions can also be seamlessly integrated with any home automation system. Fashion and function are no longer exclusive concepts with Hunter Douglas motorized products.
The Hunter Douglas Platinum Technology 2.0 Hardwired Lift System can be integrated into many current Home Automation Systems with associated control components. This system requires wiring for both motor power and control. The system uses the ESI (Electronic Solutions) RQ (Remotely Queriable) control platform which usually requires an electrician and extensive RQ programming knowledge to implement. As of January 2012, all Companies selling this system must be trained and certified by Hunter Douglas.
Home automation window coverings can operate with a remote control, a touch panel, or even light sensors. In addition, operation can be programmed to raise and lower the window coverings at certain times of the day, on different days of the week.
Home automation systems can easily accommodate motor-only window coverings and Hard-Wired systems from Hunter Douglas.  Their products are very versatile in adapting to a variety of home automation control sources.